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Knokky's application

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Knokky's application Empty Knokky's application

Post  Knokky . on Sat Sep 05, 2009 5:30 am

1. IGN(In Game Name):
Knokky Back

2. How old are you and what country/timezone are you in?
15, I am from Belgium, GMT+1

3. What are your daily hours and what days are most played by you?
Weekdays (schooldays) 1-2 hours, weekends up to 8 hours.

4. Race?(Better be Dwarf )

5. Have you any buddies that might also be interested in joinin Hammer Time via you?
Not sure at the moment.

6. What Type of character have you branched out to be? What type of style? PVP? PVE? DPS? etc etc
I have good magic, archery, and melee skills, I use what suits the best in that situation.

7. Do you have Trade skills and Harvesting Skills? If so what level, and why pick these skills?
woodcutting and mining mastery 100? I suck at trading, I'm too friendly to make a profit.

8. Have you ever held any high ranking position? An officer position where you make large scale decions at a moments notice? If not, why? Possibly not up to the task?
I was in my old guild for 8 months (longest membership), always have been a loyal member, but i never asked for a higher rank, maily because of my young age, and my not superb knowledge of the english language. (only had 2 years of english lessons so far)

9. What are the past Games/MMO's you've played in your prior gaming life? Lay out some stories of these games and experiences that made the game more thrilling to you.
Played like 20 MMO's in the past 7 years, and i think i will stick with DFO for some longer. DFO is actually the first game i pay for. (monthly subsciption)
When i was 12, i made a 90 man clan in the game gunbound, was a famous clan, but gunbound isnt compareable to DFO.

10. What do you love most about Darkfall?
Is 'everything' a valid answer?

11. What is your reason for applying to Hammer Time?
In my old clan (Tempest) our leader left. And today the remaining members decided to join Societas Demonicas (graveyard alliance). That clan would give me great oppertunities in advancing my skills,but , Mobo is an old friend of mine, and a long time ago, I said to myself, If this guild disbands, I will join Hammer Time.

12. In a long term sense, what would you be able to accomplish for Hammer Time?
Show people that they are not that noobie zergguild that never PvP's and only carebears around Rubaiyait.

13. Any last words before the conclusion of this application?
Respect to Tempest, it was a great guild.

Knokky .

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