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Post  Taste Vengeance on Thu Sep 03, 2009 3:46 pm

1. IGN(In Game Name):
Taste Vengeance

2. How old are you and what country/timezone are you in?
15. I am in American East Coast time

3. What are your daily hours and what days are most played by you?
I play mostly on the weekend and my daily hours are most likely in the morning, but it varies too much to say for certain.

4. Race?(Better be Dwarf Razz)

5. Have you any buddies that might also be interested in joinin Hammer Time via you?
Yeah I've already brought dagorlas thaincloud, nex fairmere, and winter claw.

6. What Type of character have you branched out to be? What type of style? PVP? PVE? DPS? etc etc
I like PVP, but mostly I do PVE in preparation for it.

7. Do you have Trade skills and Harvesting Skills? If so what level, and why pick these skills?
I have 88 armorsmithing, 100 tailoring, 100 alchemy, (along with 70+ trueforge armor/weapon). I did armorsmithing because I thought it was useful and I did alchemy and tailoring because I knew they were easy and kind of useful.

8. Have you ever held any high ranking position? An officer position where you make large scale decions at a moments notice? If not, why? Possibly not up to the task?
I was the Supreme General of a clan of about 20 people right before I joined this one. I have made several split-second decisions and I am pretty good at it.

9. What are the past Games/MMO's you've played in your prior gaming life? Lay out some stories of these games and experiences that made the game more thrilling to you.
I have never before really played a serious MMO.

10. What do you love most about Darkfall?
Mostly, I love the freedom of being able to do almost anything.

11. What is your reason for applying to Hammer Time?
It seems to be a big, well organized, well led clan full of people who are actually good at pvp.

12. In a long term sense, what would you be able to accomplish for Hammer Time?
I hope to someday accomplish end-game by sieging several cities. Until then I will train my skills relentlessly to help that happen.

13. Any last words before the conclusion of this application?
I love you Mobo. =D Marry me you fat bastard?

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