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Alliance Proposal Process

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Alliance Proposal Process Empty Alliance Proposal Process

Post  MoboJuju on Sat May 30, 2009 7:31 pm

Many guilds may look upon and gaze at the wonder that is Hammer Time, the wish to become apart of this legion has several simplistic and straightforward guidelines to follow, the only ones posting proposal's with interest to joining as One with Hammer Time and their cohorts, are the SupremeGeneral's. Be sure to acknowledge each question thoroughly before answering them, for the wrong answer may gain no response.

Question 1:

First and foremost, what races does your guild consist of? What is the range in number of active members? What Time zone(s) does your guild contain?

Question 2:

What is your stand as a leader, and as a clan, on politics of this game? Where does the line between Friendship and Alliance begin? Will you be more loyal to an Alliance or to a Friend?

Question 3:

What are your accomplishments as a guild? Is there anything that your guild wishes to accomplish that you are hoping Hammer Time can help you with? How strong are your convictions to finishing a project that may take huge amounts of time and man power?

Question 4:

Where did you find Hammer Time? What sparked your clan's interest to join the cause of Hammer Time? Will you stand with Hammer Time and the clan's decisions?

Question 5:

Do you intend to stick to EU server or join the NA server when it comes out? If you decide to join the NA server, will your ties with Hammer Time continue?

These questions are simple and stated bluntly, please answer them to the best of your ability SupremeGeneral's, you will be viewed by Myself(Mobojuju) and several of my officers and the decision will be made between 2-3 days pending on how strong the tie and relationship goes between Hammer Time, and said guild. Thankyou!


Title of your Alliance App should be:

<Guild Name> Ties with HT APP

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