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Suggestion: Simplify subforum descriptions

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Suggestion: Simplify subforum descriptions

Post  Bracak Mant on Thu Oct 08, 2009 7:49 am

I like the forum design as a whole, but the subforum descriptions are a bit long and might be a bit difficult to understand for people who are not so familiar with english. So I'm suggesting simplifying the descriptions a bit (and maybe moving the current long RPish descriptions under new stickies inside each subforum).

For example, instead having

The Pub:
The legacy of Hammer Time and all brotherhood's in relation to them, are too get heavily doused with the beverage we all know and love, frothy and chilling as it is. This section can and shall be used to channel and vent any off-topic discussions that may not be relevant to DarkFall or Hammer Time, Beware of the content!
maybe the formatting could be

The Pub:
Off-topic discussions.

What do you think?

Bracak Mant

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