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Application Overview

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Application Overview Empty Application Overview

Post  MoboJuju on Fri May 29, 2009 10:30 pm

Greetings brethren! Here is the starting point of your journey into the halls of Hammer Time and the passing into a greater purpose. This is an overview of what all the guidelines to the application process will put you through as well as the benefits on the other side once completed.


1. You must answer each and every question thoroughly, do not leave anything out or skeletal, this will be noted and frowned upon if the application form looks a little skimpy, for we dwarves are anything but that!

2. Make sure you use the appropriate In Game Name(IGN) on these forums when applying, or you will not be given the chance to be taken seriously.


1. After this process of applying is done, you will get the ventrilo information needed and get a formal interview done by myself (Mobojuju) and your application will be overlooked as well as the possibility of more questioning.

2. You will gain comradaree like no other, the ability to relate to your race is unfathomed and will make the bond between you and the brother next to you THAT much stronger, you will be given the chance to lead as well as commanded to follow, opinions and ideas will be noted, you shall not be an underling unless of another race in some sense.

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